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1 San Francisco is fighting back against self-driving cars 
The city has filed a lawsuit that could force firms to roll back their rapid expansions. (WP $)
+ Meanwhile, Waymo is planning a new fleet in LA. (NBC News)
+ Robotaxis are here. It’s time to decide what to do about them. (MIT Technology Review)

2 The EU is going to force Apple to permit non-App Store downloads
Naturally, Apple has discovered it’s a way for it to introduce new fees. (WSJ $)

3 Amazon has been fined for excessively surveilling its workers
A French data watchdog deemed its system ‘overly intrusive.’ (TechCrunch)

4 AI could help to develop exciting new battery materials
Just like drug discovery, it could halve the length of time it takes to bring them to market. (FT $)
+ Tesla is reportedly starting production of a new EV next year. (Reuters)
+ This abundant material could unlock cheaper batteries for EVs. (MIT Technology Review)

5 Global electricity demand is expected to surge in the next three years
And data centers, crypto, and AI is behind it. (Bloomberg $)
+ Nuclear power is being touted as a potential solution. (IEEE Spectrum)
+ AI could also make the power grid faster and more resilient, though. (MIT Technology Review)

6 This Chinese startup says it’s working on generative AI’s first killer apps
01.AI’s open source model is outperforming its Big Tech rivals’. (Wired $)
+ America’s chip sanctions against China are pretty easy to circumvent. (Economist $)
+ North Korea is throwing everything into AI development right now. (Reuters)
+ These six questions will dictate the future of generative AI. (MIT Technology Review)

7 How China’s fast fashion giants exploit a tax loophole to ship packages
Which has helped them to gain a major foothold in the US. (Insider $)
+ Why my bittersweet relationship with Shein had to end. (MIT Technology Review)

8 Spreading rock dust on farms could help remove atmospheric CO2
The only problem is, it’s really hard to measure how much it captures. (New Scientist $)

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