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The cost difference between print and digital signage

The reality is that whether you’re looking at print or digital signage solutions, budget is going to be one of the key factors to take into consideration.

There are a number of financial benefits and general advantages to choosing digital over traditional methods, particularly print.

Ultimately, the right choice for you and your business will need to be the overall financial cost that your chosen form of signage brings to your company or organisation.



Things we will talk about in this article:

Why Choose Digital Signage?
Why choose Printed Signage?
Understanding the Difference in Costs
Finding the right digital signage solution for your business

Digital vs Print: Which solution is right for your Brand?


Why choose Digital Signage?

A Digital Signage Solution unlocks the full potential of communication by providing several key advantages over conventional print solutions.

1. Dynamic Content and Interactivity

Digital signage allows your content to be updated to ensure it is current and relevant (think updating menu boards and pricing in retail stores!), they can incorporate dynamic visuals such as animations or videos on screen and can even be used to encourage interaction with interactive games and compelling content with customers to enhance their overall experience.

2. Real-time and Remote Updates

Many electronic screen signage solutions offer remote management options so you can update the content in real-time from mobile devices or Content Management Software (CMS) on a laptop or computer. This flexibility ensures your signage can be used for time-sensitive advertising or important information dissemination without the expenditure of more time, effort and money.

3. Targeted Messaging

Digital displays/signage can be used to target specific audiences at specific points in time in multiple locations. Some digital solutions even allow data collection to ensure more customised messages and promotions that increase effectiveness.


Why choose Printed Signage?

The signage world continues to change and while digital signs are becoming increasingly popular – Engagis estimates the value of the industry to be $36.4 billion (AUD) by 2026 – print signage has neither disappeared nor lost its own advantages.

1. Permanence and Durability

Traditional print signage provides permanence and a message of consistency and stability. With high quality signage solutions, you can rely on your static signage standing the test of time and – critically – being impervious to technical malfunctions as well.

2.  Cost-Effectiveness

For some signage applications, static information can be a perfectly suitable option. In these instances it could potentially be more cost-effective for a once-off investment that will pay for itself in the long-term.

3. Tangible Aesthetic

Digital signage offers a ton of aesthetic potential, but print signage retains the tangible aesthetic quality that LED signage or electronic screens lack. Well-designed signs can ensure a sense of professionalism, brand ambience and physicality that shouldn’t be undervalued.


Understanding the Difference in Costs

Comparing the costs of digital signage and print signage, or even different types of solutions within the same category, is like comparing apples and oranges. There are many factors that determine how much of an investment your customised solution will require.

Nevertheless, we’ve summarised the key financial advantages and disadvantages to help you understand the difference between the two types of signage.

Financial Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Screens

In general, digital signage tends to require higher initial costs compared to print signage considering the cost of screens, media players, installation, software licences and content production. As the technology (such as LED and LCD screens) changes and improves, the optional upgrading of your digital signage should also be considered in your budget.

However, the nature of digital solutions allows for greater customisability and versatility. Changing the content independently and at little to no cost allows you to ensure more time-sensitive and targeted messages are being displayed at all times.

For industries, such as retail and hospitality, with ever-changing marketing messages and advertising needs they would save more money in the long run with digital signage rather than going through the laborious and expensive process of updated printed signage every time they wanted to update.

Similarly, industries looking to utilise digital signage for more than just advertising, such as healthcare institutions or public transportation facilities where communication is key, would similarly require a more dynamic solution for both practical and financial reasons.

Financial Advantages and Disadvantages of Print Signage

Print signage is typically cheaper initially than electronic signage. The expenses involved are mainly around design, printing and installation. With high quality materials and a carefully considered design, print signage can provide long-term utility.

However, as its content is static, printed signs would not offer a practical or affordable solution for businesses needing to update the messages frequently. The costs and time delay in uninstalling and reinstalling new printed signage would be inhibitive.

For industries where there are no requirements for dynamic content, for example business name signage for manufacturers or industrial workshops, print signage can be the more cost-effective solution.


Finding the right signage solution for your business

The digital signage market continues to grow and the technology underpinning it continues to develop and improve. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that print signage will completely lose its value or disappear altogether in the near future.

Your business, your industry, your needs and your budget are all going to determine what sort of signage is right for you.

Whether you’re looking for different options in LED signs, wanting to find more information on the costs, wondering how digital signage can be used by your organisation for communication and advertising, or just want to explore which type of solution is best for your project, reach out to the Amped Digital team today. We’re here to help!

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