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Signagelive, a Chrome Enterprise Recommended Solution, is set to power the Lenovo Chromebox Micro Media Player. A launch partner for this latest breakthrough hardware, Signagelive, together with Lenovo and Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, offer customers a discreetly packaged small factor solution that enables them to do big things with their digital signage.

While it cuts the cost of upfront investment, the big-hit solution also supersizes performance, facilitating the management, scheduling and secure delivery – at scale – of high-resolution, and ultra-responsive interactive campaigns, as well as worldwide data visualisation strategies. At the same time, it also streamlines management to ensure a smooth and secure plug and play end user experience. 

The size of a mobile phone, the ChromeBox Micro can be discreetly and cost-effectively incorporated into any customer-facing or corporate environment, and for extra flexibility, is easy to connect, either wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable.

Despite the device’s diminutive size, it packs a powerful punch. For more ambitious “wow the crowd” customer and corporate content, it supports the seamless display of 3840 x 2160-pixel 4K video, imagery and HTML interactive presentations. With its dual monitor functionality, the hardware can also power two screens from the one device, effectively halving investment in the hardware required for multi-screen videowalls.

Additionally, the enterprise-grade product is built to last, offering a robust, tamper-proof and fanless design, which prevents over-heating and ensures quieter, dust-proof and reliable long-term operation.

Ideal for large-scale applications, the product can be quickly and securely rolled out, using the cloud-based management system provided by Chrome Device Manager (CDM).  Through the Google Admin console, IT administrators are able to set up Chrome features remotely for managed devices and enforce policies and settings that apply organisation-wide, or to specific groups of users.

For teams, this provides a pain-free plug and play experience, eliminating the need for lengthy device set up training. With automatic software updates guaranteed all the way through to 2031, and the availability of remote user monitoring, and seven-day active metrics reports, organisations can also reduce the need for on-going, long-term IT administrative support.

To provide the utmost security, the Google Admin Console additionally offers a number of extra controls, enabling companies to disable devices remotely and/or remove sensitive data at the end of user sessions. 


With launch partner, Signagelive, the Lenovo Chromebox Micro can do even more for digital signage, enabling organisations to manage and securely deliver the most complex content sequences instantaneously or at a pre-selected time on one, some or all the screens in a digital signage network.

As a Chrome Enterprise Recommend solution, Signagelive offers one of the most tightly integrated content management platforms for Chrome OS. This makes it especially well-suited for seamless integration with the Lenovo Chromebox Micro. Organisations can count on lightning-fast boot-up times for the content management platform, and the instantaneous display of on-screen content. Making unsightly glitches and screen freezes a thing of the past, Signagelive ensures smooth-flowing graphics for everything from videos, imagery and web pages to RSS feeds and complex, split-screen digital signage template designs. 

In Kiosk Mode, organisations can look forward to highly responsive interactivity. With just a single touch interaction, any interactive web application can be launched instantly, whether that’s to tempt customers with more menu options, as they order food in quick service restaurants, or to prompt customers for feedback as they checkout of hotels.

Signagelive also comes pre-packed with 500+ built-in tools, including data integrations, which enable organisations to scale out and securely share data analytics and key performance indicator reports from any business intelligence platform, such as Microsoft Power BI, SharePoint and

Management at enterprise-level is always effortless and secure, thanks to the availability of a whole suite of  Signagelive market-leading features. These include Single Sign-on (SSO) functionality for secure yet convenient logins, and Hierarchies – the fastest and most secure way of helping IT administrators assign and delegate user permissions, while still enabling them to manage everything under the same network umbrella.

Both Signagelive and Lenovo give organisations the scope, flexibility and customised support they need to thrive internationally, with global customer service, and a range of licence and bundle options.

Jason Cremins, Signagelive CEO 

“At Signagelive, we’re excited to join forces with Lenovo to present the Chromebox Micro, a breakthrough in digital signage technology. This partnership represents a fusion of our deep expertise in content management with Lenovo’s innovative hardware, culminating in a solution that’s not only cost-effective but also incredibly powerful and versatile. 

The Chromebox Micro, being the smallest yet most robust enterprise-ready Chromebox, aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver seamless, scalable, and secure digital signage experiences. It’s a game-changer for businesses looking to elevate their digital presence while ensuring ease of management and future-proofing their investment. This collaboration is more than just a technological advancement; it’s a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the digital signage landscape.”


The Signagelive-powered Lenovo Chromebox Micro is on display and available for demonstrations at this year’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas on the Lenovo Stand – Booth 662. 


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