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The advertising season is heating ahead of the Big Game. Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad features SNL alum Kate McKinnon and a cute “talking” cat that wins over the world. It’s a fun watch with “meow” and a dig at Pete Davidson’s dating history.

What happened: Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad has just been released and it’s good. The food products brand employs SNL alums Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson in a 1-minute video that depicts the rise to fame of a “talking” cat. It’s a story of how one “meow” can change the life of an owner and of the world.

Kate McKinnon opens the fridge to prepare something to eat. Nothing inspires her and she’s desperate for a good recipe. The cat comes to the rescue. A cute furry friend proclaims “meow” which sounds similar to “mayo” and everything changes. “Holy *&^% you can talk,” says McKinnon and we’re going on the whirlwind journey of a newfound fame with her talking cat.

They participate in cooking shows, sign books, address world leaders, and give motivational speeches. All with one word, you guessed it, it’s “meow.” Finally, the cat hits the red carpet with a notorious Hollywood heartthrob Pete Davidson (another SNL alum) as any self-respecting celebrity should.

Hellmann’s Super Bowl ad ends on a hilarious note. It turns out that the cat breaks up with Pete to which Kate McKinnon says “You lasted longer than most.” Meow.

What else: the ad is created by the VML agency.

“Our Super Bowl strategy – highlighting our purpose message through a truly relevant platform – has brought considerable growth to our brand, as well as firmly cementing it in culture like never before,” said Christopher Symmes, Hellmann’s brand director.

Hellmann’s has delivered celebrity-studded ads before. Pete Davidson frequently appears in their campaigns. Like this one focused on reducing food waste:

Or this one featuring Brie Larson and Josh Hamm:

Also, read our list of the top celebrity ads of 2023.

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