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It didn’t take long for big tech brands to incorporate generative AI in their proposition. Amazon Fire TV has just got an upgrade that allows users to create unique artwork using voice commands. The experience is powered by Alexa.

download Amazon Fire TV now allows users to create artwork with generative AI - 1

What happened: “Alexa, create a background of a cyberpunk city in Yosemite,” reads one of the suggested artwork creation commands in Amazon’s latest press release announcing the coming of generative AI technology to Fire TV. The company fully embraces the power of artificial intelligence and goes along with the trends.

Fancy some impossible phantasmagoric wallpaper? Alexa has got you covered. Just say what you want to see on the screen and in a few seconds the magic of AI will deliver it. That’s both scary and very promising. This also indicates the willingness of big companies to stack their products with AI solutions that are very much trending at the moment.

The AI Art is currently available only for Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen) or Fire TV Omni QLED Series in public preview mode. It is a part of the so-called Amazon Fire TV Ambient Experience, a feature that “transforms a TV into an Alexa-powered smart display when not streaming.”

Apart from creating the art as a background, the users can also save it to the Amazon Photos account.

As for the exact operation of the new feature, Amazon says that “AI Art combines the power of Alexa with a fine-tuned Titan Image Generator model to create up to four unique initial images for each prompt.”

This is how the interface looks like:

download 1 Amazon Fire TV now allows users to create artwork with generative AI - 2
Credit: Amazon

And here’s what it looks like in the home setting:

download 2 Amazon Fire TV now allows users to create artwork with generative AI - 3
Credit: Amazon

Why it matters: generative AI seems to become a new big thing in content production. The digital signage industry is taking notice. Kitcast is currently in a testing phase of new exciting generative AI capabilities that we are adding to a new version of our product. So big things are yet to come.

What else: it’s not only Amazon Fire TV that is getting an AI makeover, it seems that the company is going all in with the artificial intelligence.

In 2023, Amazon announced several technological additions to various aspects of its ecosystem of products. That included AI summaries of reviews called “customer review highlights,” an AI chatbot that generates answers to questions about the products, and AI-driven prescriptions at Amazon Pharmacy.

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